Theme 3: Neuroscience/Neurobiology of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Randolph Nudo

  • University Distinguished Professor & Vice Chair of Research, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Director, Landon Center on Aging
  • Director, Institute for Neurological Discoveries
  • Marion Merrell Dow Distinguished Professor in Aging
  • University of Kansas Medical Center


The following abbreviations are used in the table below for the Core areas:
ACC Administrative and Communications Core
CTC - Clinical Translational Core
PMC - Preclinical Models Core    
RDAC - Research, Design and Analysis Core

Listing of Theme 3 Projects
Principal InvestigatorProject TitleFunding AgencyACCCTCPCMRDAC
Carlsten Christianson; Julie AnnaEffect of Neonatal and Adult Stress on Pelvic Pain Disorders and ComorbidityNIDDKX XX
Rouse, Adam
Neural encoding of motor precision for advancing brain-machine interfaces
Mosconi, MatthewMotor abnormalities and functional brain mechanisms in autism spectrum disorderNIMHXX X
Nudo, RandolphWearable real-time functional brain mapping for a non-human primate stroke modelNINDSX XX
Saadi, IrfanThe Role of SPECC1L Cytoskeletal Protein in Craniofacial Development and MalformationNODCRX XX