Theme 3: Neurobiology of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Theme Leader:  

Dr. Randolph Nudo
Randolph Nudo
University Distinguished Professor & Vice Chair of Research, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Director, Landon Center on Aging
Director, Institute for Neurological Discoveries
Marion Merrell Dow Distinguished Professor in Aging
University of Kansas Medical Center



Listing of Theme 3 Projects
Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Agency ACC CTC PCM RDAC
Carlsten Christianson; Julie Anna Effect of Neonatal and Adult Stress on Pelvic Pain Disorders and Comorbidity NIDDK X   X X
Rouse, Adam
Neural encoding of motor precision for advancing brain-machine interfaces
Mosconi, Matthew Motor abnormalities and functional brain mechanisms in autism spectrum disorder NIMH X X   X
Nudo, Randolph Wearable real-time functional brain mapping for a non-human primate stroke model NINDS X   X X
Saadi, Irfan The Role of SPECC1L Cytoskeletal Protein in Craniofacial Development and Malformation NODCR X   X X