Peter G. Smith

John H. Wineinger, M.D. Professor, Senior Associate Dean for Research
Professor, Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Primary office:


Peter G. Smith is Co-Director of the KIDDRC. He has long-standing research interests in neuroplasticity and repair of the mammalian nervous system, including how the nervous system can reorganize in response to hormones, how changes in peripheral innervation give rise to chronic pain, the effect of spontaneous and inherited mutations on nervous system development, and how neurodevelopmental disorder can affect sensory and metabolic functions, and these research programs have received over 35 years of continuous funding. At the KIDDRC, he has been a member for 33 years, core director for 8 years, and center co-director for 18 years. He has directed and built the R.L. Smith Center component of the KIDDRC during a period of unprecedented growth in its operations.