John Colombo

Director, KU Life Span Institute
Interim Dean, KU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Professor, Psychology
Primary office:


John Colombo serves as the director and principal investigator of the University of Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC). He became the third director of the KU Life Span Institute in September 2007. Professor Colombo has previously served the University of Kansas as faculty chair of the Human Subjects Committee on the Lawrence campus (1993-2012), as an associate dean of KU’s Graduate School (2001-2004) and as acting chair of the Department of Psychology (2005-2006). He joined the KU faculty in 1988 preceded by six years as a postdoctoral trainee and research associate. Along with being an active participant in the Cognitive and Brain Science and Developmental Science doctoral programs within the Department of Psychology, he is affiliated with three interdisciplinary doctoral programs: Child Language, Clinical Child Psychology and Neuroscience.